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Пока в Европу сгоняла сама:)Похоже необходимо определиться со страной или организовать тур.


Selena аватар

Респект порталу госуслуги, за 2 дня оформила паспорта на всю семью, задержка была только из-за фоток. И потом никакой очереди, назначили определенное время, за полчаса все сдали, супер! Месяц и можно отдыхать.:)

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I finally answered, saying that I will be down in a few I reluctantly got out of bed, threw my robe on and walked down stairs where my brother was already at the table and there was a plate out for me too. I sat down and got fed like a baby while my mom was telling me about where she had to be today and how busy she was. I didn’t even listed to half of it, not because I wanted to be rude, but because I had my own demons to deal with. She rushed me upstairs to take a shower and get dressed as she wanted me to join her on some errands before my appointment.
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We drove around for hours. He showed me all the hangout spots, the school, the mall and all his favourite places. We were sitting by the pier just looking out when he spoke again.
"Yes, my legs are very tired" she said as she pushed her body closer to his.
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‘yes please honeypot, we’ve both had a drink so I won’t judge, just be honest xx’ he replied.
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"It's about time we did this," she looked at me seductively.
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"And that's due to you, Ron! For the rest of the time I'm here, there's not going to be any room inside me for sadness! And it better be the same for you!"
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“It would be my honor,” she says as she nozzles her nose against my neck and plants a few kisses there. She walks us up the stairs and before I know it, where in her bedroom.

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She rolled away from me on the bed and pulled apart her ass cheeks, exposing herself to me.
Erin was facing the other way on Bree’s mouth and bucked against her tongue. I had a perfect view of her ass as Erin bounced on Bree’s face. One of my hands twisted Bree’s nipple and the other grabbed Erin’s ass. I flexed my cock as I entered Bree again and she let out a scream, vibrating against Erin’s pussy. I watched as Erin shuddered against Bree and came on her face, letting out a little liquid as she struggled to stay upright.
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When I returned to the house Nicole was sitting in their spot on the couch with an energetic glow. I smiled at her and said, "Nicole, that was the absolute hottest thing I have ever seen in my life."
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"How old are you?"

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As this conversation was going on, Kyle’s mom was staring at the table, idly twirling her fork and deep in thought.
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Heather told them about our dare to go home with just our coverup on and how her brother followed her to her room. Now she was been fucking him all week. I also told them about what we have been doing at the mall and now with Kendra. After Heather and I told them everything, they both said they have been missing out on the fun. For the rest of the day we all enjoyed ourselves and would kiss or play with one another. We decided to leave and set a time to meet up tomorrow. I asked Heather to bring her brother along so we had a cock to play with. They all said bring your parents along too. Amber then said what is the dare today when we go home. I said how about the same thing, just wear a coverup. Both Amber and Hannah said they did not bring one along. Heather and I will give you ours, we will go home naked. Heather said my father may be at home. Tell him that someone took your stuff while swimming. We all walked to the cars naked then gave our cover-ups to Amber and Hannah, and took their suits and towels from them. I said tomorrow, I want to here what happens when you get home today. We all left, I just went home with my parents.
We both looked at the clock and jumped out of bed. We gathered our towels and everything needed for our shower and headed for the bathrooms. When we got there, Jon was taking his shower. I was surprised he was up so early, since he had no classes or anything to get to.
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Danielle had become my best friend. I enjoyed every minute that we hung out, and we shared a lot of things in common. And, of course, she was the only one I knew worked with me in a relationship. She was sexy, and the type of girl any guy would kill for.
suggested that maybe Jen should see if Diane wanted to stay at our place.
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Nicole blushed a little with that compliment and went to him again. She grabbed his hand and helped him stand and they walked into the living room silently. William sat on the sofa and Nicole stood in front of him. I leaned against the doorway from the kitchen watching all that was happening and my cock started to get hard. Without saying a word Nicole reached for his lap and unzipped the old man's fly. He helped her fish out his dick and I was shocked to see it starting to rise with out any pills. He cock was also much larger than I expected. It was very dark and thick. His grey pubs sprouted out around the base of it out of his zipper. Nicole hesitated for a second, closed her eyes, then began to stroke his cock a few time to get it hard. I watched in amazement as he grew to about 7 inches and as thick as a baseball bat. He leaned back and closed his eyes as she crawled on top of her grandfather and played with his cock on her wet pussy under her church dress. After a minutes she took her hands out from under her dress and sat down completely on his lap sinking his dick old man dick inside her moist pussy. He looked up and saw her eyes staring back at his. I knew he was fully inside her. I couldn't believe my eyes. There on my couch, in my house, my wife was impaled on her own grandfathers hard dick and grinding. She let out soft moans as he pushed up to meet her thrusts. They started rocking back and forth. Her clit was rubbing against his pants and she closed her eyes again. She was getting lost in her own world as she slowly fucked her grandfather. I was rock hard and started to get my own dick out to stroke it when I noticed our son walking into the living room. He walked around to the couch before I could stop him and asked, "Mommy, what are you doing?"

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“Oh fuck. Yeeess, thats it.” Ashley moaned, her breathing getting heavier and heavier.
I looked over at his cock, now hard as a rock. "Maybe" I lied. "Another load might do it." I then straddled his lap and started to run the head of his cock between my wet pussy lips.
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When I was dressed the doctor thanked me again for letting the students take part and then told me not to worry about what happened. He said that it was ‘quite normal’. On the way home my embarrassment turned to excitement and I had to make myself cum again just as soon as I got in.
“Barely once a week.” He said. She gave him a doubtful look, calling him out. He heaved a sigh, knowing that he couldn’t compete with his sister. “Three to four times mostly. Sometimes less.”
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“An old-style name,” he said. “Do you prefer Edith or Edie?”

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It made sense to me so I left the bathroom thrilled that I had seen it. I sat on the sofa while Shay laid on the floor watching TV. After a few episodes Dante had gotten out of the shower and sat next to me on the couch. He was wearing a white wife beater and red baggy basketball shorts. I kept glancing at his crotch and after a while I saw that the bulge in his pants was growing. After a few minutes it looked like something a little smaller than a cucumber was creating a thick line in his pants. We both glanced at Shay from time to time but she was absorbed in her show. Dante grabbed the blanket from the back of the couch and put it over his lap. I was disappointed so I focused on the TV for a moment and when I looked back at his crotch he was holding the edge of the blanket up and had his thumb hooked in his shorts so I was looking at the head and a few inches of his cock sticking out of the top of his underwear. I looked up at him and he was focusing on the TV, I think he was doing it so that if his sister looked back she wouldn't see what he was doing behind the blanket and so she didn't wonder why we were both looking at her brother's lap. We heard a door squeak and knew Brenda was coming out of her room and Dante lowered the blanket over himself. After Brenda passed through the living room into the kitchen, Dante leaned over to me and whispered so softly that it was barely the sound of breath, "come into my room tonight after everyone is asleep and I can tell you more about boy privates".Kayleigh couldn’t believe it, she felt like the entire weight of her upper body was supported by his big, thick dick. She started to cautiously suck his dick. She was worried that if the dick slipped out of her mouth she would lose support and slam down on the man below her. Meanwhile, the fat man behind her was fully erect. He was fixated on her ass as it was riding up and down his friend’s dick.“But.” I stammeredI left the house at 11:00 so I had plenty of time to get to the Town Center Mall. I want to be in the store a good bit before noon. I have on a modest dress and look like a good girl in heels. It is about 11:30 and I walk in to the food court and there are plenty of guys there already.My slim waist kind of prevented me from wearing loose shirts since that would just look like I’m buying clothing that is two or three sizes too large and just doesn’t fit… Mom took me out for lunch before heading to therapy. We went to a nice little diner where I used to like going when I was little. They always had the best desserts, or so I remembered. When we got there the place was rather full but they still had a few available tables, so we were seated. We ordered and talked about my aunt and how she was doing so far, about what was going on with me lately (which I was being very illusive about) and how she didn’t want to leave us alone over the weekend but how dad insisted that we will be OK.

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