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Всем привет. Я очень давно интересуюсь различными техниками, практиками...И меня куда только не заносило. Но я поняла одну простую вещь - те желания, которые появляются в моей голове не сбываются лишь потому, что на самом деле я этого не хочу. Если глубоко порыться в себе, спросить сто раз себя, понимаешь насколько глупы твои просьбы. Во многом это так. Пока я нахожусь на стадии принятия себя, изучения своих истинных желаний, которые далеки от "хочу машину, хочу выйти замуж и дайте много денег". Как это не странно мое духовное саморазвитие меня интересует больше, о чем я поняла совсем недавно путем долгих размышлений над тем, почему не получается визуализировать, притянуть. Почему меня не слушает Вселенная...Вот. Буду работать над сбой.Всем добра!


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Am simple, no vices, never been married and have no kids so i need a man to love and marry if you…As I made my way into the pool, the greetings finally started to come in. Hailey finally hugged me, her wet body, decked out in a blue and green bikini, quickly dampening me before I could get down the steps. I heard a few "hi's" coming from the hot tub area, and recognized the busty redhead Alana, as well as the blonde team captain, Ashley. Nicki (the perky Asian) and Maddie (the extra fit blonde) were also there, giving me subtle glances of excitement. The other two girls looked unfamiliar, but I imagined I would get to know them at some point."Well I'm going to want a have a whole bunch more of those!!!!" She laughed. "I thought I might be having a heart attack and a stroke at the same time as being hit by lightning and I loved every second of it! I feel like I wet myself! I want to call everybody I have ever met and tell them about it! I want to update my page to I Had An Orgasm.com! I want to scream! That was so cool!"I truly believed that both of my roommates would really freak-out if they knew I was a non-heterosexual. However, if I had to choose which would be most likely to be accepting of that fact, I did believe that Dave was more open-minded. And, from what I witnessed just now, it appeared that I assessed his attitude correctly.I was hanging in the kitchen, verbally assisting Big D as he cranked out blended drinks just totally cruising and enjoying my mellow. I was a tad bummed out about Jill, but what the fuck, ya know? Rowdy’s party was in high gear, I shit thee not. I had reached maximum bongage levels of weed, and the Southern Comfort punch was oh so nice. Like I said, I was cruising!

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- I am likely when every you are. Close overlook with a view a occasional minutes that I'm not me, but a supermodel,how would you react? Would you grovel at my feet and crave my favors. Would you gawk at me in knockout, not being able to speak. Now back to reality. I'm Kate and it's a recreation to experience you.


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I got back to the house about an hour and a half later, new gym equipment had been delivered and there'd been a fuck up. After ten minutes on the phone to the supplier I had arranged the exchange for tomorrow. I walked through the house and couldn't see anyone, I walked through to the kitchen and saw that they were both out in the pool, with out a second thought I walked through to the garden. Jack was splashing in the shallow while Julia swam towards him, pretending to be a shark. It was nice watching Jack scream in fear and laugh at the same time. It would be a few years yet before I ever sat him down in front of 'Jaws'.
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She chuckled, “Well alright then. You can lay down, girl. Mi casa su casa, huh?”
"Except my personal dignity – and Scott's, I guess."
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Sami was spluttering. “What are you doing? What do you want?”
Her pussy was gushing her wetness as the mammoth cock filled her cunt again and again, opening her wide and filling her beyond belief, penetrating so very deep.
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Once his conversation with Katie was complete, Jake sent a message to Chloe, “Katie will be by around 6, so stop by around 7 or so? I think that should give enough time for me to get started.”
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“Yeah, that’s fair, we are doing a sleepover anyways.”
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by her company to stay away for an entire week, including a weekend. Cindy finally told him about
orgasm, and I pumped jet after jet of sperm into her. She came hard, and squeezed my cock clear out
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"Oh, Dave, I can't stop thinking about you, since New Year's. You felt so good inside me..." She blinked her long lashes at him.
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"I just graduated from Harvard, I'm taking the summer off. I start working as a lawyer in the fall."
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“No way, I already have people coming over,” Alexis replied.

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- Seeking Mr.Genuine I tenderness animals, music, joging and sunsets. I'm vedy down to terra and canoodle exisztence for what it is. I have faith life is too pint-sized to fetch up circadian and be mentally ill at the world when things don't assent to my way. If you wanna regard out of the closet more justified drop me a line.


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"Are are you saying um I act immature?" She wasn't sure if it was a jokey or real question. She held her breath waiting for his answer.
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I pulled the sheet up to my chest, not that it hid too much as a large tent formed under it.
I shook my head. She fell into my arms and as I kissed her for the first time she whispered. “Please don’t hurt me.”
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Daniel heard the party getting nearer and nearer. He felt he did not have sufficient time to enter her. Ramming his hot lips over hers and embracing her tightly in his arms he started to thrash his cock on her waist and feeling her soft warm flesh underneath, he started to spurt his cum.
“Yeah,” Madison said, “I almost came again just from licking your jizz off of her. If I had touched myself, I think I would have.”
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"Come here." She said.
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Kristen felt the good movements stop. No! She was so close!

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"Jean, take your glasses off."
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“I’m completely sober. See?” I showed her the empty coke bottle which, upon closer examination, bore a striking resemblance to a tall bottle of Lowenbrau.
“No, I told you. I never kissed a girl and I never had a girlfriend. The girl you saw leave, my sister, Beryl, she was acting. I have reason to believe she is on my side. Check my backpack, you’ll find a dairy. Scan it. I will drive.”
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Amanda began to squirm as she was impaled in both holes. I thought she might protest, but whatever she may have said was gurgled out as Philip bent her head further down and inserted his engorged member into her mouth. She blindly reached out for Glenn and Jansen, and they kindly guided her hands onto their respective erections.
"Except my personal dignity – and Scott's, I guess."
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“I can’t, I’m going out with my mum in a few minutes.”
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“Here, take my phone, Harry. Good luck.”

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