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“You and Loni this weekend. She and her mom came to our place to swim yesterday. The girls were outside, and the adults had come in. I was headed out to the deck to start the grill, and I heard Loni telling my daughter that you amazed her. What did you do to that lovely body?”
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“Oh, yeah, of course,” I laughed, wondering just how serious she was, although she did look a little nervous.
I finally turned to him and smiled, “No, sir. I’m just trying to figure out why that experience seemed so powerful. I have been naked for all of you daily, but this was I don’t know so different. What you did should have only aroused me. Instead, I exploded. It was amazing.”
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“Wanking, of course,” I replied calmly. “What the fuck does it look like.”
After a few minutes she said, “Are you ejaculating?”
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“Yeah I helped with electrical and maintenance.”
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to me. "Whoa" I said, "whats all the waterworks for?". "I am so ashamed. Oh my God I am so

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John had been behind me on the couch, sharing a blanket with me, and Gina was on her own one seater recliner, asleep - I must have been dreaming about James or mr. Ashford, because in my sleep I'd started grinding my butt into John's crotch. Oops
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and she started kissing and rubbing both cheeks, while she caressed my balls and pushed my legs
He immediately pried my legs apart, not that I needed a lot of persuasion, and as he re-entered me easily said in the softest voice possible.”Hi Margaret – I’d ask you how you are but I already know – you are absolutely fantastic.”
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He knew from experience that they couldn't always speak and giving them the opportunity to use their mouths usually led to screaming.
‘Would you like a man to watch me taking nude pics of you?’
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“You are so thoughtful! Thank you, it looks absolutely delicious!”
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“Ok, back in a tick”

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I looked up to see my wife’s Aunt Carol, Uncle Walt, and a third person approaching the table. I had seen her aunt and uncle several times. Some years when we were on vacation we had a meal with them. Sometimes at their home, others at a restaurant. The third person looked familiar, but I could not put a name to the face. I stood up and gave Aunt Carol a hug and shook Uncle Walt's hand.
I dreamed about her that night. We were work buddies, talking at breaks sometimes, but nothing more. I thought the dream might be a glimpse into my future with her. All right. I'd be thrilled with that. It would be more fun drinking coffee with her than Fred.
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“Liv, I have had a crush on you forever,” I exclaimed.
“It’s just so hard not to connect with you, you keep opening your thoughts up to me and it’s hard to resist. Do you not want me inside your head?” she whispers in my ear.
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But then! ..She turned on her side quietly saying: “Good night sweetie.” He mumbled a ’mmmm’ but a nervous ’mmmm.’ He wanted sleep and quiet and no talk, just heartfelt prayer for slumber “Have a nice time while I was gone?” another whisper and he said: “I’m tired.” Damn it! Put this night to bed now, please! Dad was getting nervous. Mom’s hand was inside his pajamas playing with his soft cock. “Sherry’s face was a bright red when I came home.” More play with his cock. ‘mmmm’ he mumbledmore prayerplease let us sleepplease dear God.
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We started going down the stairs, and everyone could see, and stared at how clumsily I was stepping and holding on to this man that was obviously twice my age. I just kept my eyes down and followed him humbly. He led us towards the restrooms. We stopped in front of the mens room and he asked me to wait there. He went inside and I figured that he just wanted me to wait for him until he’s done, and then maybe he would let me go in the ladies room to get myself looking half decent or at least freshen up a bit.

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He smiled softly. She mirrored it. He gave her face a half dozen soft kisses, then gazed into her sparkling eyes again. His voice was soft and low, "Jean, you're so beautiful."
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Even Dipshit, as dumb as he was, knew that when Mike used that tone, he better start shutting up, real quick.
He didn't see how he'd figure out how to get his head together enough to talk to any girls he liked and wanted to date and get to know. He didn't know if he'd ever get it together. Even if a miracle happened and he could talk to them without sounding like an idiot, and asked some girl out, that didn't mean she'd say yes. He glanced at Jean and suddenly wondered if she was making fun of him. He quickly ate the last of the chicken. She was the weird one, not him!
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His lips touch mine ever so softly. I could feel myself burning with desire. I lightly pushed my lips back against his. I felt the warmth of his breath of my face. I could feel him getting closer to me. He opened his mouth slightly and I felt his tongue looking for mine. I open a little to let him enter me. Our tongues made contact and he pulled me in one hard pull against him.
“Bran, don’t worry, let Jake talk and then you’ll know why,” I interjected.
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“Hi.” Julia said. I blinked blankly at her, I raised my wrist to check my watch but I wasn't wearing one, she smiled “It's about five to eleven.” she told me. “Oh right, shit, didn't realise that was the time. God, um, yeah come in. Jacks still asleep, I clearly over slept.”
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Colin and his friends were really enjoying our orgies, and kinky fun with thier dogs, so when Colin said they were all keen once more we set the date, Colin saying it will be a bigger bus this time, as more guys had heard about the orgies now, if that is ok, we said yes of course, saying we would be inviting a few of our bi friends too.

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“Now that is a love triangle,” Alana laughed. “Fuck Twilight.”
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I leaned down to kiss her again, this time with a little more urgency. She responded beautifully, laying back on the couch, whimpering and moaning with lust as I kissed her neck, breasts, and belly, finally slurping in her hard little clit!
“Play with my balls for me, gently roll them around in your fingers”
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She turned away. "No, Dave...I...I can't...not now..." She got back up, and he was left with a good view of her shapely behind as she stole back up the stairs.
One of my uncles was an alcoholic and I had seen what it had done to my aunt and my cousins. Then he died in a car crash with a blood alcohol level of .20.
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“Shouldn't we get dressed?” Alison asked, taking my hand in hers. She had such a slim, delicate grip. Holding her hand swelled my resolve. I needed to protect her, too.
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“Yeah, let...s...” I paused and turned to Max, “Hey, you don’t happen to carry a sleeping bag with you, do you?”

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- Artistically, do you. I extensive for passion, fire and a warm up embrace. All I need is as regards you to join a infrequent spark,s so this spirit can blaze. Do you take what it takes?

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He wiped his nose with his arm. He was at least glad he wasn't sobbing, but he couldn't stop the tears. He had to get it together! He told himself not to talk to her about it at all. It would just make her sad. He hated himself for how much he had made her cry over the past couple months. He folded his arms across his knees and lay his forehead on his arms. He let the tears drop to the floor.
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“Err I try not to be.” He replied sarcastically with a grin on his face.
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“Yes you are very good.”
I stroked Kat’s petite body rubbing a thumb over her hard nipples “I guess we should move on to the next stage” I told her, as I moved over Kat, spreading her legs with mine. My cock was rigid, and aimed at her honey pot
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"You're really good at that", she said out of breath.
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“Let me get this straight, you watched Josh masturbate? You and Todd did a 69?” Becky asks.

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I felt myself growing hard, and immediately tried to will it away. How embarrassing would it be walking around the beach with an erection!Max looked shy, but smiled back. Kaylee quickly jumped to his rescue. "Max, this is my best friend Brittni. Britt, this is my cousin Max!"“What kind of a proposition?” I asked. Things were actually starting to seem like they could go somewhere from here. She thought I was cute and was not made I was staring at her.He just kept going and increasing the pace slightly by the minute. I just couldn’t control my body, my butt was wiggling in my chair making the dress ride up even more, fully exposing my naked bottom, my legs were trembling on the high heels, as my knees were shaking. He reached around with his free hand and cupped my breast and then pulled out of the cleavage and into full view. He did the same with the other one and pretty soon both my large breasts were out on display pushed over the tight cleavage. The cold air conditioning made my nipples get instantly hard, and he just started pinching them."Done yet?" Jillian asked.

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А когда будет фототчет?wow!

Nat аватар

c возвращением!! Вы где отдыхали, на каком острове?

Selena аватар

Отдыхали на королевском курорте - побережье в Хуахине. Песок как крахмал, а море как горячая ванна!!!! Здесь предпочитают отдыхать сами тайцы, мы решили довериться их выборуYeees. И все происходящее подтверждало правильность решения. Нат, 4 часа ежедневно в массажном салоне - это непередаваемое удовольствие.

А потом посетили Бангкок, обо всем этом напишу в самое ближайшее время.

Как ваши дела? С весной наконец-то наступившей,ю Всех!!!!

Nat аватар

Вау! Супер! Я срочно хочу на этот курорт!! Почему мне никто не сказал о нем :)))

Жду подробностей. Там до Бангкока недалеко? Как перенесли полет детки?

Selena аватар

Мы вернулись!!!

Впечатлениями поделимся как только распакуем чемоданы yammy

Nat аватар

Фотография как из Парижу :)

Удачной поездки, хорошего отдыха :) ах как здоровско!! Теплое море, жаркий воздух..тропики..экзотикааааааааааааааааааа